Juvia’s Place – The Warrior by Juvia’s Eyeshadow Palette First Impression

Meet The Warrior by Juvia’s! Juvia’s Place wanted to put an edgy twist on their original best seller – The Nubian. This golden glow palette has golds, bronzes, and browns that are guaranteed to make eye looks pop.

Juvia's Place - The Warrior (Front)

This palette just screams goddess with the earthy-inspired tones. They look rich in pigment. This collection of eyeshadows can easily add some depth and dimension to the eyes. All of the shades were handpicked in order to effortlessly create powerful and dominating looks with lasting power.

Juvia's Place - The Warrior (Open)

It is recommended that this palette be used with a white or nude base. A flat synthetic brush could be wet for the satin and shimmer finishes. A makeup setting spray could be used to wet the brush.

Juvia's Place - The Warrior (Back)

Juvia’s Place is now available at Ulta – a huge congrats to the brand! The Warrior palette retails for $20. It can be found online at Juvia’s Place: www.juviasplace.com. If I’m not mistaken, I think that Juvia’s Place does have discount codes for 10% floating around. It can also be found online at Ulta: www.ulta.com. At this time, I believe Juvia’s Place products are online only. I haven’t heard any dates about when they’ll be in Ulta stores.

Packaging: 4 out of 5

As usual, Juvia’s Place killed it with their packaging. I really like the gold packaging and the artwork. The artwork gets me every time – I think that it definitely stand out in the makeup community. I also, think that this palette calls for liner and lashes! This palette does not come with a mirror, but I do not mind that – a mirror is not a necessity for me, personally. The color of the packaging reminds me of a delicate honeycomb. I wish the font of the shade names were a little bigger because they are difficult to read.

Shade Range: 5 out of 5

Let’s get into the swatches!

Juvia's Place - The Warrior (Final Swatches)

  • Amina: (macaroon shimmer)
  • Idia: (butterscotch shimmer)
  • Mino: (intense dark chocolate)
  • Ahosi: (light cantelope matte)
  • Moremi: (white gold metallic)
  • Kano: (caramel matte)
  • Dahomey: (russet gold metallic)
  • Bakwa: (gold metallic)
  • Benin: (golden taupe metallic)

There is a brow highlight, transition shade, crease shade, inner corner highlight, and lid shade in this palette. There are variations in shades for different complexions and the palette can also be used on the face – such as highlight, brows, etc. The spectrum of the golds and bronzes goes from light to dark, which I can also appreciate as well.

Formula: 4 out of 5

The shimmers and satins are super creamy. They didn’t feel textured or gritty to the touch at all – I was quite impressed. The mattes felt soft and didn’t swatch chalky on the skin either. According to the Juvia’s Place website, the ingredients list states that the palette may contain carmine. I did not find carmine listed under the may contain ingredients on the Ulta website for this palette. There was the statement: “Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.”

Customer Service: 3 out of 5

I placed an order online on the Juvia’s Place website on May 11, 2018. I received shipping confirmation on the same day. My package was delivered on May 14, 2018. I didn’t have any issues along the way and my palette wasn’t damaged at all. I do wish that Juvia’s Place would improve their packaging materials – I’m not sure if the materials they use are safe for the environment.

First Impression: 4 out of 5

I think that Juvia’s Place did a great job in creating this palette. I love warm golds and bronzes so this was a no brainer when I saw the sneak peeks of this product. When it comes to the packaging, I do think that it’s a good idea to list the important information (i.e. ingredients, shelf life, cruelty free stamp, net weight) on the back on the palette and nor just on the back of the packaging. As consumers, we don’t tend to keep the packaging and the shelf life and net weight isn’t listed on the Juvia’s Place website.


The first impression grade is 80%! Juvia’s Place did a fantastic job once again with this palette. It may seem like another dull and neutral palette for a lot of people, but the pigment and shade variation definitely makes a difference. I’m a big fan of this indie brand and the formula is unlike any other. I’m looking forward to the other products that they’ll be releasing this year!

Thank you for checking out my first impression post on the Juvia’s Place – The Warrior by Juvia’s eyeshadow palette. I hope you’re having a great day/night wherever you are in the world. Let’s knock out another work/school week and stay safe. Take a moment to look up at the stars and remember: Walk in beauty, my friends.

All of my love,


5 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place – The Warrior by Juvia’s Eyeshadow Palette First Impression

  1. I really want to hop on the Juvias bandwagon but not sure where to start. I’m thinking I have a lot of these colours already in my collection so I’m tempted to go for one of the more colorful palettes, buuuuut I’m so bad at wearing color 🤷‍♀️ I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet and dive in!!

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