August 2018 Favorites

August seemed to fly by so fast. It was the last month of summer – I started my last semester! I’m excited and nervous. It’s definitely going to be a busy semester and my goal is to stay consistent with this blog. I’m also looking forward to fall because that’s my favorite season. I know that may sound very cliche, but it really is. I look forward to the crisp air, leaves changing colors, dramatic eye looks, and horror movies. I hope August was good to you and let’s take a look at some of the things that I’ve been loving.

Essence - Lash & Brow Gel MascaraEssence – Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

I use this to set my brows and I love it! It’s very affordable and it doesn’t smell funky or make my brow hairs feel rock hard – I’m talking like how hair spray typically makes hair feel. It doesn’t move my product either after using brow pencil to shape my brows, which I definitely like.



ABH - Soft GlamAnastasia Beverly Hills – Soft Glam

I’ve been grabbing for this palette a lot and creating some everyday looks for work. It’s really easy to work with and I haven’t gotten bored with the colors. I really like the formula and the shades blend very easily on the eyes.

Too Faced - Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting PowderToo Faced – Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

I love this powder – did I mention that it smells amazing? I love peaches and heard everyone talking about this. When I used up my setting powder, I decided to check this out for myself. I like how it keeps my T-zone matte throughout the day, which is what I really need when I’m running around.

Kat Von D - Saint Eau de ParfumKat Von D – Saint Eau de Parfum

This was a gift and I’m so in love with the design of the bottle. It’s unique and unlike anything I’ve ever owned. I’m not a huge perfume collector, so I’m very selective when it comes to what scent I chose. This is very light and I smell hints of it on my clothes when I’m working hard or if I’m walking and sweating a little.


jansport-right-pouch-black.jpgJansport – Right Pouch (black)

I purchased this to keep my phone charger, headphones, and headphone charger all in one place. It is such a cute pouch and it can hold so much more. I’m actually going to see it can also hold my laptop charger. It’s so nice to have all of my tech accessories organized in one place.


YouTube - Bailey Sarian

YouTube – Bailey Sarian

I’m not sure if she has been on my favorites before or not, but I really admire her – not only as a YouTuber, but because she’s an actual professional makeup artist. She has such a cute and bubbly personality. She always laughs at her own mistakes in her first impressions and she doesn’t get frustrated. She films her mistakes and shows how she’s able to transform them into wearable looks. I wish her and I could be friends because I need some of her positivity in my life.

Netflix - Nurse Jackie

Netflix – Nurse Jackie

This show is very comedic and intense at the same time. There is so much drama that’s funny, serious, and at time very sad. There are some characters that I do like and some character that I don’t like. I like to binge on episodes with my sister and we’ve laughed and cried together because of this show. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the main character. But as a family member who has been affected by addiction, I think that’s why I’m not rooting for her.

Music - Royal Thunder

Music – Royal Thunder

My boyfriend introduced me to this band and I cannot get enough of them. I love the singer’s voice because she’s very unique and I wish that I could just be her friend. She’s one of those singers who sing from the soul and it shows in the band’s songs. The band has that classic 90’s rock sound and I’m loving it! I’m really glad that my boyfriend knows what type of music I like because he’s like a walking music encyclopedia. I’d really like to see them in concert sometime.

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