Melt Cosmetics – Gemini Eyeshadow Palette First Impression

Melt Cosmetics has released their first eyeshadow palette – ten bold, pigmented shades in matte and metallic textures. This palette contains a unique spectrum of soft warm neutrals to cool olive tones – perfect for satisfying every attitude!

Melt Cosmetics - Gemini (Front)

This palette was designed to have the different tones – in order to satisfy every attitude and mood! This palette contains “the best of both worlds” with the variation in color and textures.

Melt Cosmetics - Gemini (Open)

This is a beautiful palette with a neutral and olive spectrum. The black packaging also lets the shades stand out and speak for themselves. I’m not sure if this palette is still considered to be limited edition. It sold out and there was a high demand – they ended up restocking it!

Melt Cosmetics - Gemini (Back)

This palette retails for $58.00. It is sold exclusively on the Melt Cosmetics website: Each pan contains 1.8 grams of eyeshadow – an overall net weight of 18.0 grams of product.

Packaging: 5 out of 5

This unit carton is ridiculously adorable. This palette was designed by Lora Arellano. The unit carton contains a black and white collage of Lora’s beautiful selfies. I think that’s a cute touch – it connects to her fans. The packaging of the palette is black and the font is simple. The roses with water drops on the front and back of the palette adds a delicate touch. The shade names are under the pans, which I appreciate! The palette is slim and a bit longer and skinnier than the average palette.

Shade Range: 5 out of 5

Let’s get into the swatches!

Melt Cosmetics - Gemini (Final Swatches)

  • Luna: (honey beige hue) lightest shade in the palette. perfect for blending and softening harsh edges.
  • Gemini: (mutable vermilion duo chrome with a gold shift) can be used as an accent shade or as a vivid blush or highlight.
  • Lorelei: (classic mustard hue) can be used as a transition shade or as a wash of color all over the lid.
  • Polkadot: (warm tawny brown) can be used in the crease as a transition shade or can be used to add depth to any natural makeup look.
  • Cupcake: (true brown ultra matte) deepest brown in the palette. can be used to create a chocolate smoky eye or used to add depth.
  • Bonnie: (melt’s blackest eyeshadow) can to used to add dramatic, blown out smoke to the under eye and outer corner or for adding intensity and depth.
  • Leo: (army green ultra matte) deepest green in the palette. can be packed on the lid for a bold deep green smoke. can be blended in the crease or used in the inner and outer corners to add dimension for a cool halo eye.
  • Goalz: (golden lime metallic shade with dimensional glitter flecks) this metallic shade will effortlessly capture the light and attention.
  • Fire OG: (perfect olive-green ultra matte) the perfect “puff, puff, pass” shade that every melt cosmetics lover has been waiting for.
  • Mochi: (olive mustard, yorkie fur hue) perfect blending color for a vibrant olive-greenj eye look.

The mattes feel very soft and swatch evenly on the skin. The metallics do not feel too textured. Goalz is definitely a stand out shade. Bonnie is a very pigmented black – it feels like it will be easy to place on the lid and blend out or pack on.

Formula: 4 out of 5

The shades Luna, Gemini, Lorelei, Polkadot, Cupcake, Mochi, Fire OG, Goalz, and Leo are vegan. Bonnie is non-vegan. The formula may contain carmine. The mattes are very soft and doesn’t seem to have kick off. The metallics may have to be placed on the lid with the finger or a wet brush to get that pay off. This may also seem like a palette that needs to be played with before doing foundation – I’m not sure if there will be fall out. But with these gorgeous colors, that’s what I’d suggest. I do wish that there was at least two more metallics in the palette.

Customer Service: 5 out of 5

I ordered this palette from the Melt Cosmetics website on May 25, 2018. I received shipping confirmation on May 29, 2018. My package was delivered on May 31, 2018. I’ve ordered a few times for Melt Cosmetics and they typically have a fast turn around with getting products out to their customers. Their shipping boxes are very cute and small enough to fit in a standard mailbox. I’m always nervous about my packages not fitting in the mailbox and getting left behind – I’ve had several packages stolen.

First Impression: 4 out of 5

Melt Cosmetics is a very special indie brand to me. I admire the founders and their work is very inspiring. Their different styles definitely contribute to the uniqueness of the brand. They’re definitely one of my favorite brands and I have been so excited for their releases lately. I like the fact that the Gemini palette can be used to create some neutral every day looks or some smoky, green and dramatic looks.


The first impression grade is 92%! I’m glad that I was able to get this palette because it’s definitely one of my favorites in my collection. The other founder, Dana Bomar, also released her own exclusive eyeshadow palette. I’m excited to see what Melt Cosmetics will be releasing for the holidays. 2018 has been great to Lana and Dana because they have become mothers – congrats ladies! It’s inspiring to see that they’re still working on their brand and letting their followers know more releases are coming. Busy, multitasking business women have been inspiring me lately.

Thank you for for checking out my first impression post on the Melt Cosmetics – Gemini eyeshadow palette. I hope that you’re having a great day/night wherever you are in the world. Let’s knock out another productive week and stay safe! Please take a moment to look up at the stars and remember: Walk in beauty, my friends.

All of my love,


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