Hello there! Welcome to Stars Above the Morning! My name is Grizzly. So a little about me:

I am a college student, a dual-major in fact. I got into makeup around middle school. I rediscovered my passion for makeup in 2013 and I started visiting Sephora and Ulta. Eventually, I discovered indie brands – thanks to social media. One thing that remains most important to me is supporting cruelty-free brands.

My makeup collection has grown and I became interested in starting a Youtube channel. However, I have not gained that confidence so I decided to create a blog to become more comfortable with producing online content. I cannot wait to see what the online community holds.

I bet you’re wondering: “Why Stars Above the Morning?” I came up with the name when I was taking a break from studying one night. This name has a deep and personal meaning and it is something that I live by (as cheesy as it sounds). So here goes.. Stars Above the Morning refers to the start of a new day – a new beginning. We live in a very fast-paced, technological world and sometimes it is easy to forget that we can stop and enjoy the moment.

For now, this is a makeup blog. From first impressions, reviews, monthly favorites – there’s a little something for everyone! 🙂

This is a total work in progress so thank you for coming to this little corner of the internet. I hope you’ll get nice and cozy!