Lunatick Cosmetic Labs – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Vampira Eyeshadow Palettes First Impression

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs came out with some very unique eyeshadow palettes. They are called Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Vampira. The brand was established in 2012 – they specialize in creating cruelty free and vegan products. Their cosmetics is created with the highest quality ingredients that are ethically resourced. The brand also thrives on their unique and alternative packaging. They also emphasize diversity and are supportive of every artist in the industry.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs - Elvira & Vampira (Front)

The Elvira, Mistress of the Dark palette is a collaboration with the brand. The palette is custom made with pop-ups and a different mirror design. The palette also serves as an honor to the beautiful night horror, Elvira (Cassandra Peterson). The character, Elvira, is best known for her vampish-look and her quicky, witty personality.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs - Elvira & Vampira (Open)

Vampira is referred to as the original glamour goul. She was indeed a gothic goddess. She is believed to be the first television “horror host.” She’s so beautiful. She reminds me of Morticia Addams! The band, The Misfits even made a song in honor of her. I am in absolute awe with the black and white photos of her. Her facial features are just perfectly sculpted and her figure is to die for.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs - Elvira & Vampira (Back)

These palettes can be found on the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs website. The Elvira, Mistress of the Dark palette can be found on:,, and This palette has a net weight of 9.8 grams of product. I’m not sure how much product is in each pan, especially since one pan is larger than the other. The Vampira palette can be found on: and Each palette has 1.5 grams of eyeshadow – a net weight of 7.5 grams of product. Each palette retails for $35.00. This brand also occasionally have sales on their products.

Packaging: 4 out of 5

The packaging is also in Lunatick Cosmetic Labs’ signature coffin shape. Each palette has a nice weight to them and they are small enough to hold in one hand. Despite their odd shape, these palettes are actually easy to store. The Elvira, Mistress of the Dark palette was the first product made out of the two. The packaging is nice to have – there’s a photo of her and a sticker that says Limited Edition.  The pop up art is a cute touch. I’m not too keen on the knife-shaped mirror. It makes it difficult to utilize. The Vampira palette has my favorite design and packaging. The art on the base of the eyeshadows is my favorite.

Shade Range: 3 out of 5

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs - Elvira (Final Swatches)

  • Aunt Morgana
  • Battitude
  • Superunleaded
  • Macabre
  • Unpleasant Dreams
  • Bone

I love the red tones in this palette. I think the blue in the palette kind of throws me off, but I think it will be a great challenge. The matte black is nicely pigmented. The shades Aunt Morgana and Super Unleaded are my favorites.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs - Vampira (Final Swatches)

  • Velvet Moon
  • Untarnished
  • Astro Vamp
  • Necromancer
  • Nefarious

I love the dark and goth vibe that this palette has. Astro Vamp and Necromancer are my favorite shades. This is not a stand alone palette, however. There are only shimmers in the palette. The darker shades would make a very pretty liner in any eye look. Velvet Moon and Untarnished would also look beautiful as an inner corner highlight.

Formula: 4 out of 5

The eyeshadow formula is also 100% vegan and does not contain carmine. The formula is also cruelty free, paraben free, and talc free. There wasn’t too much kick up while swatching the shades. The shadows felt very soft and the shimmers weren’t textured at all. LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs definitely has a great formula.

Customer Service: 4 out of 5

I placed my order on the LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs website on May 13, 2018. I decided to order both palettes because I was sitting and thinking on it for awhile. I received shipping confirmation the very next day on May 14, 2018. Unfortunately, the tracking number wasn’t working and I cannot recall when my package was delivered. The palettes were nicely packed. I love the boxes that LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs use to ship their products.

First Impression: 4 out of 5

These palettes are quite nice and the packaging is creative. Even though the packaging is the same as their other standard palettes, the design on the palettes are very different. I think that LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs did a great job with capturing the energy of both dominant images. They both are very beautiful and brought confidence to the horror scene, especially for women.


The first impression grade is 76%! These are very unique palettes. Any person that loves makeup and horror will definitely like these palettes. They’ll be make a cute gift! LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs is a unique indie brand. They don’t come out with new products very often, but they are definitely worth waiting for.

Thank you for checking out my first impression on the LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Vampira eyeshadow palettes. I hope you’re having a great day/night wherever you are in the world. Let’s be productive this weeks and stay safe out there. Please take a moment to look up at the stars and remember my friends: Walk in Beauty.

All of my love,


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