Marc Jacobs Beauty – Fantascene Eye-conic Multi-finish Eyeshadow Palette (coconut fantasy collection) First Impression

There are gorgeous seven shades contained in this glossy white compact. There are rose gold accents that give the palette a chic and elegant touch. The name of the palette: “Fantascene,” is also a really cute touch to the sleekness of the overall theme.

Marc Jacobs Beauty - Fantascene (Front)

There are a couple of cute touches to the palette. First, reading the shade names from left to right is a short poem. Second, the overall palette design was inspired by the review mirror of an automobile. It represents an oblong infinity mirror.

Marc Jacobs Beauty - Fantascene (Open)

This palette is limited edition and is in a glossy white case, unlike the brand’s classic glossy black case. However, the eyeshadow palette does still have the same formula as the Eye-conic shadows.

Marc Jacobs Beauty - Fantascene (Back)

This eyeshadow palette retails for $49.00. It can be found on the Sephora website: It can also be found on the Marc Jacobs Beauty website: It is also found on The palette includes seven pans with 0.85 grams of product – a net weight of 5.95 grams.

Packaging: 4 out of 5

The glossy white packaging is so delicate and elegant. There’s something about the rosegold accents as well. There isn’t too many of the rosegold popping out, but it is enough to where it contributes to to sleekness of the packaging. I also like the font that Marc Jacobs Beauty uses as a brand. I do wish that the brand listed the shade names under the pans inside the palette. However, the brand does make up for it by having the shades names actually color codes on the back of the palette. Yes, finally! We don’t have to play the guessing game!

Shade Range: 4 out of 5

Let’s get into the swatches!

Marc Jacobs Beauty - Fantascene (Final Swatches)

  • Flesh
  • Covets
  • Fantasy
  • She Said
  • Meet Ya
  • For More
  • On The Dance Floor

I do wish that Marc Jacobs Beauty listed the actual descriptions of their shades. I want to know more about the finish, the color, and the undertones. Especially when it comes to their lame finish – I’d like to know which shade is that finish. If I had to guess, I’d have to say that it is She Said.

Formula: 4 out of 5

According to the brand, the formula is long-wearing. This eyeshadow palette is formulated without parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. There are four different finishes – velvet, satin, silk, and lame. Lame is used to “layer and dress” the eyes. The shades in the Eye-Conic palettes are inspired by layers and textures. The four different finishes in the palette are also included so consumers can be inspired to be their own stylist as well. Lame can be layered on top to make any eye look pop!

Customer Service: 4 out of 5

As soon as this collection released on Sephora, I ordered this eyeshadow palette. I placed my order online on April 20, 2018. I received shipping confirmation later that same day! I ordered a couple other items as well so I was surprised to see it shipped the same day. My package was delivered on April 25, 2018. The package wasn’t damaged in any way and all the contents were intact. I didn’t have any issues with this shipment at all!

First Impression: 4 out of 5

I’ve always wanted to try a March Jacobs Beauty eyeshadow palette. However, I do feel that they can be very pricey for the amount of shades that you get. When I saw this white packaging and the shades, I really wanted to check out the palette. Now that I have, I’m very interested in checking out the other palettes in the black packaging. They’re actually easy to store as well.


The first impression grade is 80%! I love the sleekness of the packaging. The little touches behind the packaging, such as the poem and the automobile mirror, make me appreciate the palette more. I also really like the white packaging with the rose gold accents. The packaging is very easy to clean – which makes it easy to travel with or to have in a makeup kit! The colors of the eyeshadows are ones that I typically gravitate towards as well. I’m glad that I decided to purchase this palette!

Thank you for checking out my first impression on the Marc Jacobs Beauty – Fantascene Eye-conic Multi-finish eyeshadow palette (coconut fantasy collection). I hope you’re having a great day/night wherever you are in the world. Let’s knock out another work/school week. Please stay stay out there, take a moment to look up at the stars, and remember: Walk in beauty, my friends.

All of my love,


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